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Bamboo Shades - Bamboo Blinds

Our Bamboo Shades are an elegant collection of Bamboo, Rattan, Reeds, Jutes, and Woven Woods. The woven woods, also known as bamboo shades, come in a medley of variance. With 21 popular styles to choose from, such as the rustic madake bamboo shades (shown in lower picture on right) and shizen bamboo. These beautiful natural materials offer great flexibility in designing window treatments.

Not only do the bamboo shades offer diversity in appearance, the woven woods also offer different lifting abilities, such as "roman-fold bamboo shades" and "roll-up bamboo shades". The picture on upper right is Mongolia Natural Light Filtering Style in price group 3. Also available with the optional Chain Clutch Lift to make lifting smooth and easy.

Our bamboo shades are designed with a solid integrated wood headrail, installation is as easy as 1-2-3. The multi-cord lock and guided pulley on our bamboo blinds ensures smooth and lasting operation. Every matchstick shade (bamboo shades) comes with handcrafted safety wood tassels to protect children and pets. Not to mention, the built-in 6" matching bamboo valance adds elegance and offers a more finished look.

Traditionally, the ancient art of weaving bamboo created these intricate window coverings. After the canes of the bamboo have been whittled and dried, the reeds are then braided with rope. Today, our bamboo shades are still crafted with the delicacy of this age-old inventiveness of weaving bamboo and are now infused with modern technology.

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Discount Bamboo Shades.

Price Key: Product Name and Link: Main Feature(s): Popular Options/Benefits: More Info:
$ Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Grp 1 Our best value
bamboo shades.
Available in roll-up or roman style. Prices & Colors
$$ Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Grp 2 Mid-range fabrics. Available in roll-up or roman style. Prices & Colors
$$ Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Grp 3 Top of the line fabrics. Available in roll-up or roman style. Prices & Colors
$$ Privacy Bamboo Shades Grp 1 Our best value privacy
bamboo shades.
Available in roman fold style only. Prices & Colors
$$$ Privacy Bamboo Shades Grp 2 Mid-range fabrics. Available in roman fold style only. Prices & Colors
$$$ Privacy Bamboo Shades Grp 3 Top of the line fabrics. Available in roman fold style only. Prices & Colors

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Our Staff Decorating Suggestions
There are a few things you need to know before making a commitment to our Bamboo Shades.

When purchasing bamboo shades or matchstick shades, remember that the colors and textures will vary. We use original products, including bamboo, which Nature creates. Every bump, each imperfection, enhances the beauty of our bamboo shades, finishing the atmosphere picturesque.

Since the matchstick Shades are ordered online and we do not perform in-home estimates, it is your responsibility for the measurements and style to be correct. If it is not, then it will take a great deal of time to re-make the order.

There are two types of bamboo shades: Light Filtering and Privacy. Light Filtering does exactly as it says, it allows light to seep into the room. Privacy Shades involve a liner that goes on the back of the shades blocking the light and providing the room with "privacy".

If you are unsure of the style and color, please request some free bamboo shades samples. Samples are a good idea because, although we try to be true to the color, each computer monitor will show the viewer a slightly different shade. Also, wood variations, in how the wood or bamboo absorbs the stain, might also change the color.

Each bamboo blind will amplify certain decors and rooms. For example, use Guadeloupe Tea or Guadeloupe Umber for sensuality and elegance. Generally, the darker shades will create a more refined character.

Lighter colors such as Bamboo Stick and Zig Zag Natural will "lighten" the room’s feeling.

The shapes of the bamboo will also heighten the room’s décor. Round gives the rooms a rustic and relaxed feel whereas square or flat touches on authority.

My favorite of our Woven Woods (Bamboo Shades) is the Guadeloupe Umber. Its dark color and both round and flat reeds creates an appealing tropical flare. It can be found under both Privacy and Light Filtering shades Group 3.

Our most popular of the Bamboo Blinds is the Rustic Madake (shown in the picture above). Visit Privacy Lining or Light Filtering in Group 1.

My choices for the other bamboo shades groups:
Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Group 1 Rustic Bamboo
Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Group 2 Ashi Natural
Light Filtering Bamboo Shades Group 3 Guadeloupe Tea
Privacy Liner Bamboo Shades Group 1 Shizen Bamboo
Privacy Liner Bamboo Shades Group 2 Ashi White
Privacy Liner Bamboo Shades Group 3 Mongolian Natural

If you have any other questions regarding Bamboo Blinds, Bamboo Shades, Matchstick Shades, or Woven Woods,
please feel free to call us at 1-800-825-1470 or email us at: sales@bestblinds.com

Thanks for taking the time to view our bamboo shades,

Bamboo Shades Definitions:
Roman Style - As the bamboo shade is raised the evenly spaced rings sewn into the back side of shade help gather soft folds of the bamboo material to give it a roman shade look when raised.
Roll-up Style - This is the traditional style seen for most outdoor roll-up shades generally used for porches and also used for an informal look and feel.
Bamboo Material - All of our bamboo shades are made from natural, real bamboo grown and cut for use in our shades. Any imperfections found in your finished shade is considered part of the inherent beauty of a natural bamboo shade product.
Light Filtering Bamboo Shades - These shades have no liner on the back and generally will allow a little more light than the privacy lined bamboo shades and some loss of privacy. You may be able to see out thru them by day and into the home a little at night (if the lights are on). This product is available in roman style and roll up.
Privacy Lined Bamboo Shades - This style has a white material liner sewn onto the back side and offers total privacy and also blocks more light. These work great for bedrooms, a kids room or where glare is an issue such as the television/entertainment room. The privacy lined option is only available in the roman style.

Bamboo Shades by BestBlinds are made to your exact specifications. All Bamboo Shades have a lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship. Try our Bamboo Shades today.
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