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Wood Blinds
• 1" Wood Blinds
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Faux Wood Blinds
• 2" Express Faux Wood Blinds
• 2" Premium Faux Blinds
• 2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds

Vertical Blinds
• Smooth & Rib PVC Verticals
• Embossed PVC Vertical Blinds
• Fabric & PVC Backed Verticals

Cellular Shades
• Light Filtering Shades
• Room Darkening & Blackout

Specialty Verticals
• Faux & Wood Blinds
• Sheer Vertical Blinds

Window Shadings
• Illusions Shades

Aluminum Blinds
• 1" Mini Blinds

Bamboo Blinds
• Light Filtering Styles
• With Privacy Liner Backing

Sun Control Shades
• More Light, Less Privacy
• Less Light, More Privacy

Roller Shades
• Room Darkening Shades

Arch Tops
• Faux & Cell Arch Shades

Skylight Shades

CustomWholesaleBlinds.com Order Policies

CustomWholesaleBlinds Brand™ Information:
At CustomWholesaleBlinds we only sell the CustomWholesaelBlinds™ brand of window coverings which are manufactured in the United States to our exacting standards. The quality of our products meet or exceed all the top name brands, both domestic and imported.

All CustomWholesaleBlinds products are manufactured and private labeled by our well respected manufacturer, A CustomWholesaleBlinds, Inc. of Miami, Florida.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed that our products will perform and last as well as any other brand name product and remember, NOBODY sells a better product for less!

Child Safety:
To avoid possible injury with the cords on certain blinds and shades, please keep the cords out of the reach of small children.

To avoid possible strangulation, keep cords out of the reach of children. Use these devices:

  1. Clamp or clothes pin.
  2. Cord Cleat.
  3. Tie the cord to itself.
  4. Tie-Down Device.
Cord Cleats are available upon request.
Ways to protect the children

Proper Window Measurements:
Finished measurements for both inside mount and outside mount are calculated from the top of the headrail to the bottom of the bottomrail (for verticals, the bottom of the slats) for the height. The width is from the left edge of the window treatment to the right edge.

Inside Mount Blinds & Shades
'Inside Mount' means that it fits WITHIN the window frame/opening. Inside mount blinds and shades have specific deductions taken by the factory for operating clearance (so they don't rub). Please DO NOT take any deductions of your own. For more specific details please go to to the product page for the product you are interested in to view detailed measuring instructions before completing your order.

Outside Mount Blinds & Shades
An 'Outside Mount' means that it overlaps (goes beyond) the window opening for both width AND height. Allowances are NOT taken by the manufacturer on this product - you must ADD to the width AND height for proper coverage, privacy and installation bracket mounting. You will need to supply us the exact measurements that you would like the window treatment to be (not the window size). This includes adding extra for the width and the height to clear any trim, etc.

CLICK HERE to view our detailed measuring instructions.

Color Disclaimer:
Computer monitors are not all calibrated equally, and electronically reproducing color on the Internet is imprecise. Therefore, we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the color. We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible. In addition, we offer up to 10 FREE product swatches/samples for customers seeking an exact color match. So, if an exact color match is needed, then please request free samples before placing your order. Once you receive your samples, keep in mind that even the actual sample can have minimal color variations as stated by our manufacturers.

Note: If two products have the same color name that does not mean they are the same exact color. Please order samples of all products you wish to consider purchasing to avoid any confusion.

Bamboo Shades Disclaimer: Our Bamboo products are a special case compared to our other products. Since our Bamboo Shades are made from real bamboo wood their color and pattern can vary a great deal from a sample to the actual shade that you order. The color can vary from a more lively greenish tint to a more natural brown color. The sample should be used to only get an idea of the string/ladder placement and a general feel for the products pattern possiblities.

Color Coordinated Components
Color Coordinated means similar colors but not necessarily the same exact color. An exact match in color is not always possible for the components of the blind/shade. The color that best coordinates with the product's slat/fabric color will be chosen for use on the components. All components will not necessarily be of the same exact coordinated color.

For example, you may order a Golden Oak colored product but the headrail does not come available in that color, so for this product the factory will have a coordinated color that they use which may be more of a cocoa color. The same is true for the other components of the product, such as the ladder strings, lift cords, tilter cord or tilter wand, bottom rail, and tassels. Not all options are color coordinated, so make sure you are aware of the color of each option you order.

Backlighting of Fabrics:
"Backlighting" is the effect seen when light filters in through translucent type fabrics from behind (like daylight outside). Our swatches don't show you the effect of backlighting, which can soften colors and highlight fabric textures. If you'd like to see how backlighting affects the color or texture of a particular material just request free samples from us.

Shipping & Processing Fees:
We offer free ground shipping within the contiguous United States as long as the product(s) you order are less than 90" wide (width OR height for PVC Verticals) and the order total is over 0.

Orders under 0 incur a processing fee. Orders 0 and over incur a reduced processing fee of .50. If your package is over 90" wide please see Oversize Shipping fees below.

Ground shipping is normally delivered to your door with no signature required. If you require Ground delivery with signature authorization, or "Signature On File", your order will incur a charge of .00 per blind. Please contact our customer service representatives at 1-888-877-1860.

Oversize Shipping Charges:
Blinds and shades that are greater than 90" in width (or pvc verticals, 90" width or height) will incur a oversized shipping charge. There is a one time, per manufacturer fee of 5 no matter how many oversized products are on that order. This fee is for the transportation of your order from our factory to your address.

Generally the freight companies will not deliver the order to second or higher floors. Some freight companies will also not unload the order from their truck. Make sure you have someone that is able to unload the order and carry it inside your home/business for you.

Special Note for Florida Customers...
Since one of our manufacturers is located in Florida and they have a local delivery area, we may be able to lower the oversized shipping fee. Please give us a call at 1-888-877-1860 to let us know your city and we will see if it qualifies.

What if one of my boxes are lost in transit?:
Please contact us immediately if you are missing any boxes. We will then try to locate the missing box/boxes and if we can not find them we will file a claim with the shipper and try to expedite the remake of the missing products. At times we may need to wait for approval from the shipper that the boxes are in fact lost BEFORE starting any remake of products. NOTE: If you fail to noitfy us within 7 days we may be limited in what we can offer regarding the replacement of your missing items.

Delivery times may vary depending on the product. The estimated delivery times include working days and exclude weekends, holidays and factory closing days. Sometimes, there may be delays caused by out-of-stock merchandise or temporary factory overload. CustomWholesaleBlinds cannot be responsible for shipping delays caused by problems which are beyond its control.

Signature Required:

If you would like to require a signature upon delivery, you order will incur a charge of .00 per blind. Please note that on your order or inform our customer service representative at time of order.

Shipping Directly to Locations Outside the contiguous United States
We offer direct shipping to the following areas at the rates shown below:
• Alaska per blind or shade
• Hawaii per blind or shade
• Puerto Rico per blind or shade
• Canada per blind or shade
• Cayman Islands per blind or shade
To ship direct to these areas you must call to place your order.

Shipping by Frieght Forwarder to Locations Outside the contiguous United States
If shipping by freight to the following areas, you must arrange all freight shipping before time of purchase. When ordering you set the billing information to whatever your credit card has on file and set the shipping information to the address of the freight company you are using.
• Alaska
• Hawaii
• Puerto Rico
• Canada**
• Cayman Islands**
**Please call to place an order in these areas.

NOTE: Shipping to Locations Outside the contiguous U.S. requires the blinds to be under 90" in width.
NOTE: Our standard shipping times do not apply to products shipped outside the Contiguous U.S.
NOTE: We can NOT ship to P.O. Boxes or Military Bases.

Rush Delivery Prices:
Rush Delivery is available for certain products. Please call for availability. Time of production for rush delivery begins the next business day after the order has been placed. (Not including weekends or holidays) The following are additional prices for production time on all rush delivery orders.
  • 72 hour rush - additional per blind
  • 48 hour rush - additional per blind
  • Please note, the above prices are stated for production time only and does not include shipping time.
  • Please be aware, the above prices are additional to any oversize shipping charges that may apply.
  • No changes/corrections allowed on Rush Delivery orders.

Online Security:
All personal information is processed through our secure server. CustomWholesaleBlinds utilizes industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts all your information before it is sent to us. You may also call us at 1-888-877-1860 and a customer service representative will take the order by phone.
All Personal Information WILL Remain Confidential: We respect your privacy. All personal information you provide to us WILL remain absolutely confidential and be used solely to communicate better with you. We have never and will never share your information with any outside parties.

Changes or Cancellations:
Because our products are custom made to your exact specifications, they are not suitable for resale in the ordinary course of business. Please be sure of your purchase prior to finalizing your order.

Also, all credit cards are charged up front for the total sales price, including shipping.

You have up to 24 hours after the order is placed to make changes or cancellations to the order. After that time the order normally begins production and changes will most likely not be possible. Changes after this 24 hour period if possible will incur an additional fee. If this requires a credit back to a credit/debit card then this credit may not post to your card for up to 5 (five) business days from the credit time.

If you do make a change, whether to the order or your shipping information your order may be delayed a couple extra days. This is due to the fact that the order must be pulled from the system, edited and re-entered.

Under no circumstance will CustomWholesaleBlinds either refund any money or issue any credits for a purchase if the cancellation or change occurs at any time beyond this 24 hour period. Please review your Order Confirmation Email immediately after your place your order to check for errors.

No changes/corrections allowed on Rush Delivery orders.

Payment Types We Accept:
Because our blinds and shades are custom made to your exact specifications, we require all orders to be paid for when the order is placed. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express thru our website and over the phone. Cashier's checks, personal checks and money orders must be mailed to our office before your order is started.

NOTE: If you would like to pay by check there will be a holding period of 7-10 days so your check can clear the bank before processing order.

Sales Tax:
We are a Florida based Corporation, we collect 7% sales tax on all orders shipped to a Florida address. CustomWholesaleBlinds will not impose sales tax on orders that are delivered outside of the state of Florida unless such taxes are imposed on Internet sales by law.

Inspection of Merchandise, Damage, Return/Repair Policy:
Most of CustomWholesaleBlinds' products are custom made which means they are non-returnable and non-refundable. For this reason we require that as soon as your order arrives you inspect everything; color, size, fit, controls, quantity, proper function and most importantly, damage of any kind. Also, the decision to either repair or replace damages and/or errors is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.

We request that digital pictures be taken of damaged items so we can see the damage. Please email the pictures to CustomerService@customwholesaleblinds.com within 5 days of shipment so we have enough time to file our claim with the shipper. Please follow up with a phone call to us at 1-888-877-1860 informing us that the pictures were sent. If we decide that the images do not clearly represent the damage or problem the product will need to be shipped to the manufacturer at the cost of the customer. If the product is found to have damage or an error that is the fault of the manufacturer or shipper, the shipping fee will be reimbursed to the customer and the product will be repaired at no cost.

If the images clearly represent the damage or error then the manufacturer may issue a pickup at their expense to either have it repaired or replaced at their discretion with no cost to the customer. If there is damage to the products that was not caused due to shipping but was present at the time you opened the boxes, you have 7 days to report it to us.

NOTE: Please do NOT call and file a claim with the shipper. The claim must be filed by us, the shipping company.

IMPORTANT: The customer must follow the shipping damage instructions that relate to the shipping method used on your order:

FedEx or UPS Delivery
If any of anything appears incorrect or there is any type of damage please notify us immediately (no later than 7 days). If you fail to noitfy us within 7 days we may be limited in what we can offer regarding repairs and/or replacements. NOTE: Please do not discard the shipping boxes until you verify that all products are correct and free from defects of parts and workmanship. Manufacturers will not supply replacement boxes.

Ground Freight Delivery
If there is damage you must note on the bill of lading with the delivery driver what the damage is. If only part of your order is damaged, like one of five boxes, then just refuse the one damaged box and note that THAT box was damaged on the bill of lading. You must also contact us within 2 days about the damage so we can get this handled. Without this note we will not be able to replace the damaged products at no cost. NOTE: Please do not discard the shipping boxes until you verify that all products are correct and free from defects of parts and workmanship. Manufacturers will not supply replacement boxes.

INSTALLATION NOTE: If you plan on hiring a professional installer we highly suggest you wait until ALL the products have arrived, are unpacked and inspected to be sure all the parts are present and the products are in proper condition BEFORE scheduling the installation. Most installers charge higher fees for secondary trips to your home and this is not something we are able to reimburse.

Arbitration or Mediation:
customwholesaleblinds.com is based in Miami-Dade county, Florida. By purchasing from our site, you are expressly agreeing that Miami-Dade county will be the sole jurisdiction for any mediation, arbitration, or pursuit of civil claims.


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